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More than other signs, you are not afraid to be different. This leads to your reputation for being a trendsetter in fashion, art, music, or technological know-how. You also can be ahead of your time, when it comes to consciousness. You think about things nobody else does.

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Your opinion can be shocking because it's so clear and objective. That's how you drop in your genius: in a group, like in class, this can lead to breakthroughs. You're just as likely to be super social, as to be a loner. Your personality is Uranian , the planet of sudden plot twists. Some of your friends might be shocked at how different you act, from one day to the next. You don't like to be stereotyped. Updated February 24, The symbol is the Water Bearer, a female figure pouring from two vessels. It represents the Aquarian fluidity of forms, and the ability to change reality with a sudden new concept.

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Aquarius rules the ankles and the circulatory system. Aquarius element is Air. Aquarius quality is Fixed. Aquarius ruler is Uranus and ancient ruler Saturn. Aquarius polarity is Leo. Read more about Aquarius Zodiac Sign. Aquarius thrives on dropping its thought-creations into the wider world. The glyph for Aquarius shows waves, like electrical currents, reflecting the affinity for connecting technologies, like the Internet, satellites, and space exploration. Aquarius is often a catalyst, as a rebel with many causes that are meant to hurl society forward in evolution.

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Type your question hereā€¦ Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. Aquarius-born people under Air element sign are independent, strong, mysterious, eccentric, intelligent and attractive in personality.

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Humanitarian What appeals to them a lot are humanitarian activities. They try their best to do whatever is possible to make the world a better place to live in. Intelligent The Aquarius-born people are intelligent and always look for intellectual stimulation. They are known for their wide-ranging interests. Inventive Monotony bores the Aquarius-born, which is why they make conscious efforts to think out of the box and do their work in creative ways.

To learn all about yourself, you may buy Your Horoscope Analysis report. Independent These people prefer to be financially and emotionally independent, and any attempts to pin them to a specific situation will make them avoid it.

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Loyal If a native of this Sign gives his word, he will make sure he fulfils it. They are so popular because they are loyal to their friends and loved ones. Are you facing difficulty to know if your relationship is that of a friend or lover? Negative Traits Unpredictable It is very difficult to predict what the Aquarius-born will do next.

They dislike monotony, and will never follow a fixed behavioural pattern. Detached Their philosophy in life is to live and let live, and they will not let anyone get close to their hearts beyond a point. They are scared of losing their freedom. You can also try our fully personalised Birth Chart based report Compatibility Assessment Reading to know how well you will get along with your partner. Stubborn Although they are good listeners, it is very difficult to make the Aquarius-born change their pattern of thinking.

Aloof These people tend to cut themselves off from others whenever they wish, and become distant. Thus, they can miss out on some good opportunities.