Weekly tarot reading october 21 2019

The day can be quite confusing for you with conflicting opinions and different opportunities rising on all sides.

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While a number of forces pull you in many different directions, try not to overanalyze or please everybody. Instead, going with your own heart can turn out to be just the thing for you, even if you do not realize it at the time. The day is perfect to take your relationship to a new level. If you were going steady with someone, today may be the day when it is finally settled. You may even decide to start a family. Single persons have a high chance of meeting someone new who is likely to play an important role in the future.

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You are full of positive energy and are likely to be surprised when you see how much you manage to accomplish today. All your backlogs will be cleared up and any blocks in the way of difficult projects will completely disappear today.

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You will not only be able to finish all your considerable workload with ease, but will also be able to infect everyone around you with your enthusiasm. This time I wanted to pursue filmmaking in Los Angeles, another twisting turn in my career. Brandon agreed I should do that. His work in real estate was somewhat transferable and he said he would join me there soon. I believed him. During those two years I had spent falling in love with Brandon, that ex-boyfriend, my supposed destiny, had been attending graduate school in Los Angeles.

As I headed there, I hoped that after he graduated, he would move back to New York, so as not to tempt me into falling for a fate I no longer wanted. But when I got there, I found out from a mutual friend that he was planning to stay. I was immediately struck by the possibility of a chance encounter with him.

PISCES Tarot - They love you like crazy - LOVE READING October 2019

I found myself wondering where he lived, how he spent his days. I would think I saw him on the street and my heart would pound, sending waves of anxious energy through my body, but it was always just some stranger with a similar haircut. As my anxiety about him grew, my relationship with Brandon began to suffer. The time difference was difficult, the flights long and expensive and the pressure for him to meet me in this new life all-consuming.

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Months passed with me trying to keep one relationship alive while fearing another was chasing me down. And then, just weeks before that predicted three-year finish line, my friend who was still in touch with my ex decided to visit us both in Los Angeles. Just like that, a door opened.

For the first time since our breakup, my ex and I were linked in time and space and it had me reeling. Had the cards been right? Had the entirety of my two-and-a-half-year relationship with Brandon just been a mirage? Had it always been meant to dissipate at the moment this three-year waiting period expired? Or had I made my destiny true by believing in it? And what was I supposed to do now? Wait patiently for the cards to push me into some predetermined new old life? Let one relationship fail so I could open my arms to another that I had grown to resent for haunting the corners of my mind for three whole years?

I live in LA now and I know you know that. Whaddya think? After three years of wondering, I had to wait only a few hours for his response. I do sincerely hope everything in your world is awesome though! And that was that. No destiny. No lightning strike.

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No certainty written in the cards. Months later I would run into him in a park, where he was sitting on a bench with some woman. He would just sit there uncomfortably and ask if I liked Los Angeles, and I would walk away laughing at the absurdity of it all. I had loved Brandon, not because some tarot card reader had told me to but because of something true and deep between us.

Yet within a few months, we, too, had broken up. We were different people living in different places who had drifted apart. I chose to believe in the possibility that there was some perfectly pre-written story that I was only playing a role in, but there was no pre-written story for Brandon and me.