Rigel fixed star astrology

Merciless, uncaring, dispenser of punishment; mercenary; hideous death when afflicted by Mars; blindness; weakness. M31 Andromeda spiral nebula Mg. Unifying influence with groups. Good fortune through marriage, beauty, love, talent; intuition, brilliance, creativity, generosity; inspires others, loves home. Girdle of Andromeda on left hip. Well aspected: prudence, perseverance, versatility, progressive spirit, problem-solving.

Poorly placed: failures, fiascos, enmity, melancholy, suicide. An eclipsing binary, its dramatic variability can range from invisible to peak at Mg 2. In necklace of Cetus. Violence, defeat, accidents, injury, danger, honours. A troublemaker for Islam. Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer". Astrology, mysticism, writing; serious demeanour combined with joie-de-vivre; requires moderation.

Saturn Eridanus , "The River", traverses several Signs. Haughtiness, boastfulness, exaggerated pride; commands respect. Disease, throat trouble, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, unjustified enmities; sudden emergence of deep unconscious issues. Love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning influence of Eridanus. Melancholy, fear of death and suicidal tendencies.

Primitive male sexual energy; penetrating; ruthless; adventurous; dishonesty; mass effects, esp. M34 Perseus Cluster C red Mg. Primitive female sexuality; strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, mass catastrophe; the "Evil One", the Demon Star; passionate; intense; hysterical. A pulsating, eclipsing double-star also associated with extreme creativity; an expression of the Dark Side More on Caput Algol. Pulsating double-star, like a winking eye.

Accidents, blindness, violence, homosexuality, feminine power. Group of 7 stars in shoulder of Bull refer Alcyone. M45 Pleiades Cluster B blue Mg. Ambition, honour, glory. Trouble with opposite sex; homosexuality, disgrace. Bereavement; loss; sorrow. Events affecting large numbers of people, especially due to meteorological phenomena. Bold, adventurous, somewhat dishonest. Scandal, violence, disgrace, imprisonment; bringer of rain.

Weapons of the Gods. A nebulous cluster of 7 stars in the face of the Bull. A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation; danger, loss, violent death. Mars Brightest star of the Hyades. Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion.

Technical and artistic ability, inventiveness, humour, honours, riches, happiness.

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For both Hoedus I and II when rising: self-confidence, honours; happiness, but great vicissitudes. Adroit mind, public service, magistrate, judge. Country life, education of young people; fickle love; storms at sea. For both Hoedus I and II when setting: petulant, lascivious, depraved and vicious desires. Cowardice, early death, possibly suicide. A deceptive exterior. Violent storms, esp. Loquaciousness, accidents, sudden dishonour. Inquisitiveness, open mindedness, powerful friends. Talent in art or science. High position, studious, sharp mind, good memory.

Good fortune, depending on associated planets. A double star, the westernmost star in Orion's belt, the first to rise. Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong; weapons of war; point of attack. Brief fame, quick temper, scandal. Central star of Orion's belt. Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness. A triple star, the easternmost in Orion's belt. Honours, wealth, power, greed, aggression. Sickness, trouble, loss, affliction, spiritual powers. Great fortune and fame, especially military success, but associated with calamities, danger, and violence. Ruin, disgrace, violent death, esp.

Danger of earthquakes if associated with solar eclipse. Overconfidence, pride, shamelessness, violence, eminence, manifest intelligence. Force, energy, power, protection; manifest intelligence; cultural development. Good qualities, charitable, faithful; dangerous passions; "The Roarer", announcing the rising of Sirius; "The Announcer", with Gomeisa. Acute sensitivity, creative imagination, artistic skills, writing, injuries to feet.

Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees. Artistic, emotional but sombre; penetrating, analytical mind, much travel, many friends; danger of robbery and accidental poisoning. Craft, ingenuity, valour. A binary star in Draco, the Dragon. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ.

Too many people condemn Christianity because it is easier And safer! New testament is another matter entirely. He goes on to say;. They are still in power. They are still in control…. Oh, yeah? The above article was probably written in more naive times. You think these women are going bring peace on earth? Can we shift from service-to-self to a service-to-others mentality? Loyality, loyality and more loyality, this is the number one demand of their loved ones.

The last years has seen more bloodshed in wars than any other period. That was just before Regulus shifted into Virgo, but it will be interesting to see the graph in another 10 years time. They are good at medicating those who are grieving. Leo rules the heart. We are all one yes, but we are all unique individuals also.

But it could also be our downfall. Currently then, some of us are probably going through a stage of self-medicating to get over the trauma we suffer from ongoing media manipulation, fear-mongering and lies. Many other stars have changed signs due to precession, but I think Regulus is one of the most important since it is so close to the ecliptic and is an archangel star.

So thinking in a civic sense and working to build working, harmonious communities is essential. Self-segregation seems to be happening as Leo tribes quietly keep to their own. With 21st century Regulus, the risk of downfall is only great if one resorts to displaying excess pride, ego-mania, arrogance, and most of all the famous Regulus revenge.

It is said that the higher these Lions climb, the bigger the risk of falling from grace. There is nothing wrong with genuine self-love and confidence! Being the best and aiming for excellence is almost frowned upon those days. Evolved Regulus is about dissolving away all the false masks imposed on us by society and and getting to the essence of our true sovereign-self.

In order to do that, Regulus also has to wrestle with its bestial, knee-jerk reactions. He is strongest within his family pack, so connection and pride of ones ancestors is vital. Regulus into Virgo means that women are the gate-keepers to the next generation, with birth control they have more say now wether we even have a next generation! Virgo is said to be a barren sign and the results of birth-control have had a huge effect on western civilisation.

We were also told that population growth was not environmentally friendly! Elton has sold over million records which ranks him as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time and received an knighthood for services to music and charity. Let Aries ram them forward in divine perfection! Gather your threads, be clear in our greater purpose, use your instinct. A seasonal blue moon is when there are 4 Full Moons in a season. The third of those is called a Blue Moon. Last chance, make it good! These emphasize the beginning and ending of their Signs.

Great Wealth In Natal Chart (Fixed Stars) | Lipstick Alley

Take notes at the beginning, layout your goals, a few days before the 19th schedule to see how you have done, take care of anything that still needs doing! Aries is independent, calls his own shots. Other times collaboration enhances our quality of life and we are grateful.

Many times the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Sun and Moon have just a little more emphasis this time because they are trine and sextile the fixed star Regulus the King! As of it changed signs from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo. Aries fire and Libra air are geometrically in harmony with this now Earth Star. She has respectable skills that keep them well and smooth their daily affairs. She is the technician to their interactions. Sun and Moon have just passed Venus at 28 Pisces.

They are reminded to let Soul quality Love be their guide. She adds grace and flow. Libra is pastels art and lovely florals. The ultimate Peace Rose. Sun and Moon have also recently come from a trine and sextile with Jupiter. Jupiter laughed with them, brought them big news from far places, brought them hope and perspective, taught them a lot to be proud of.

Sun in Aries felt like he could win the race and Mama Moon was delighted to make a new friend, try out some foreign recipes, to learn and live big! This time they left him before he moved on.

The astrological influences of the constellation Orion

They are willing to gamble on the new plans. They are both clever, even more so at the last degree of their signs, so undoubtedly will successfully enhance what Jupiter had to offer and inspired them to do. Tomorrow they will be leading the way in new signs! And brilliant Sun will be like the fuel in the Rocket! Uranus makes things come alive, electrifies the synapses! The ideas in Aries will be anchored and maintained, amplified and further enhanced in their new setting. They will be simplified and put to good use community wide.

Further research and inventions will spring from their baseline! Mercury , no longer in his retrograde cycle, freshly in the Full Moon sign Aries, will spread the word quickly and feedback will supply more fresh ideas. One to the next it will keep going! Great timing! Mars can be pesky or wake up old Neptune, probably both. Neptune is used to being bigger than most anything that comes his way, takes it in stride.

But Mars is silly fearless, does a spontaneous third eye zap, and whadda you know, Neptune is all ears! Mars better be quick and alert though, or an inadvertent tsunami may sweep him away!

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If the day is calm and Neptune is bored, up to hearing the latest, they may have a long exchange. Clever Gemini has a lot to say and Neptune is millennia wise. Mars can quickly piece the meaning of the parts together beyond his wildest imagination only to bring a further rhapsody of exchange. Neptune finds a shift in his essence with this new fuel. Mars Initiations quickly trigger releases that allow surprising advances into the future! This could just go on forever…. Just be a little careful or your fire may get unceremoniously put out. Again and still, Saturn is with Pluto , only 3 degrees apart now.

Saturn will retrograde April 29 and they will gradually fade apart. Neptune brings sensitivity to and understanding of these major events. It sees the links between them, passing the thread through the eye of the needle of one to the next and beyond. We are magically connected to higher realms. Pluto will be at 23 when the 4 planet Capricorn stellium forms Mar 21, ! Secure the ground gained through these important to events! Chiron into Aries! Starts Pisces Mercury Retrograde Cycle! The dreamer is in full multi dimensional reality!

This is the largest of s three SuperMoons! It is Bigger and Brighter! Hoping for clear viewing skies! Sag started the Journey, Capricorn made it so, Aquarius shook the basket, now Pisces sweetens the Dream! Not only will the Full Moon be at zero, but so is Chiron the Shaman, newly in the springtime sign Aries the day before! As Pisces believes the visions, Aries births them out into the world!

We champion the cause. In this case it is a cause that has been waiting 51 years for it to be its right time! Chiron will be trying new healing techniques to heal old wounds! He will be teaching new ideas that will spur his students to find methods that will change first responder treatments!

Uranus is still in Aries for 16 more days!

Star Rigel: Will You Become a Millionaire?

He has been blasting the doors open for Chiron, the healer with the wound. While he and Chiron are both in Aries, he will be sharing information, wisdom, setting new goals, then go on into Taurus. Many sacrifices have been made to get to this point. The Virgo Moon walking by always wants to serve, bring the best of all kinds of health at all levels.

She tends in every way she can, daily. She cleans, organizes, feeds. She frets and cajoles. Works hard long hours. Virgo is sensible and earthy. But they both want wellbeing, body and Soul. They are givers and helpers. Cosmic slaves to a healthy mind and spirit. She comes to respect his own form of art. Where she makes quilts and puzzles, he is making the beauty of swirls of music. She can call him to task when a service is required that only he can do.

Sun and Moon are both well linked with Uranus and Mars. Each have just aspected Uranus, the humanitarian planet of evolution. They are freshly infused with new ideas. Uranus is in Aries, about to leave this sign March 6, so this is their last connection of this type in these signs for 84 years! Mars is more steady in Taurus, and Uranus will be too. Both are freedom loving, independent, shakers and movers!

Uranus is electric, sizzles. Mars is fiery spirited, a leader of note! This is a beginning of more awareness, asking questions, problem solving in behalf of earth changes preparedness. Take notes. Venus is at 18 Capricorn between Saturn and 22 Capricorn Pluto. She and Pluto are at important degrees. She softens the connection between them now that will be their conjunction Jan 12, She gives value to the connections with June this year and the Nov 11 eleven, eleven Transit of Mercury! In Capricorn it is anywhere from rings with diamonds to properties to spiritual law.

It is our loving responsibilities we dedicate our lives to and doing work that suits our Soul. She gives Saturn cause to reaffirm meaningful commitments. She inspires Pluto to apply resources to long term sustainable efforts for our futures and the futures of our children. She wants him to see true, let go of fear and greed. They are conjunct Feb Pay attention, think it over, say Yes to a trial period. For some there will be practical financial blessings and worthy life work decisions.

Everything begins with a star

Capricorn and Pisces are both dedicated signs but in entirely different ways. Capricorn wants to build good old fashioned linear results. Pisces has psychic insights, dreams and visions. No straight lines or squares for them! But Capricorn loves their timesaving ideas. Who cares if they come from nowhere, out of the blue?! Pisces loves ideas being put to use, especially when they help others. Mercury puts it all into words, puts a little logic with the magic! There are some terrific opportunities that may be just what we have been waiting for. Mercury just conjuncted Neptune the 18th, the day before the Full Moon!

While retrograde, Mercury will conjunct Neptune March 24, just before Mercury goes into his 8 day station stand still. Some truths were absorbed never to be seen again, others were brought forward under scrutiny. Others yet were scandal, gossip, lies, libel, perjury — some exposed, possibly remedied, some obscured and not fixable. Now, Mercury squares Jupiter and is puttering around surreptitiously, perhaps quite silently, somewhat invisibly, trying to sort some of that out. Is it logic or wishful thinking? A little bit of both? Mercury is also sextiling Saturn, Venus and Pluto!

Saturn has a lot of historical facts in the archives. If you are allowed access… With Venus it depends on who she knows and what she wants. Be careful not to jeopardize her. She will be as helpful as she can. Pluto has the dirt and the big money. Have some backup and a backup plan. Uranus into Taurus! My stars! The season runs from April through September.

Today Uranus changes signs into Taurus! And the New Moon in Pisces is in the last sign of the zodiac holding new visions for our futures!

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It is steady in station for another 3 to 4 days. When Mercury changes direction, it appears to be exactly in the same degree for 8 days! It sanctifies the past, glides along the gateway, watches and is immersed in the passage of time, captures a vision in motion, puts it in the indelible notebook of time. For eight days it focuses on the change from Aries to Taurus. Taurus has been waiting for the new guest. Uranus is the planet of Humanity, Freedom, Friends. It is the electric grid of our connections.

It rules thunder, lightning and earthquakes! Taurus is Earth herself, the fertile fields, our very own bodies. Ruled by Venus she holds our Grace, loving kindness to plants, animals and each other. Taurus takes her time, ruminates on life, seeks peace among the brethren. Taurus is known for patience. What Taurus sees as valuable, she tries to anchor and stabilize.

Taurus is magnetic and attractive, so as things happen fast she turns on the charm. With little effort, things swing her way. New Moons are a regenerative time. Moon is at the end of her 27 day cycle. In Pisces she might bring him a mild fish like sake steamed halibut, steamed veggies topped with a light lemon butter sauce, juicy fruits like peaches and plums, or a drippy melon. She knows when his Light looks a little dull and listens gently to his secrets.

That conjunction is important because it was the lead aspect to the Pisces Mercury Retrograde cycle and Neptune is the Pisces planet! Mercury and Neptune are related to very different signs. Gemini is interested in anything that moves. Virgo wants to put it to work in the right place! Neptune in Pisces is ungovernable, exists in consciousness, the dream time. Mercury would love to extract the amazing insights from that dimension and tell their story.

Mercury in Pisces is a bit psychic himself, so is the perfect instrument to comprehend the magic being spoken! The Moon and Sun are sextile Saturn in hardcore realistic Capricorn. He in turn is conjunct Pluto, and neither wants any nonsense. They do listen, even if from the sidelines checking things out. Sun brightens the passage, is creative from heart and Soul.

There is a quality of confidence and sincerity. Moon can be so emotional, but then why?! Is it that important, so all encompassing? We know she cares. He loves a good mystery, and dagnabit, he likes to heal the causal elements. Stand still, dammit! I want to see and understand. So the opportunities can happen. Earthy Cap will grab those misty Neptune hints, and find a way to bring a remarkable vision into existence, possibly saving many lives! He trines Saturn the dedicated Builder. Both are in earth signs following the laws of nature.

Mars is advocating for an organic fresh food supply that you might grow yourself! Taurus wants good and green, no toxic water or chemical pesticides.


Saturn wants sustainable shelter, work that brings satisfaction, excellence and honor. Taurus might like the sprawling range or farmland while Saturn might build elder communities of tiny homes or homelike travel vehicles. One way or the other, Mars is itchy to get things moving by March 14 and Saturn sees there is no time to lose. But Pisces sees even a greater need and Jupiter may feel a little push to up the ante on his planning.

It might be a subtle confrontation, but there will be some rumblings. Sun makes the square the 13th. Certain issues may disappear from the table, others may come to light. Mercury is retrograde. Expect a few odd twists. Degree wise, for now, Venus is standing on her own in Aquarius. She holds a unique position however, because she is what is called Mutual Reception with Uranus in Taurus.

So that means Uranus could be read at 5 Aquarius in his own sign! And Venus could be read at 0 Taurus newly in her own sign! His new beginning is her new beginning. She adds beauty to this grand fresh start! Some of the things she wants are way before their time. Soon she will square Mars and may make some outrageous requests.

He in Taurus may lift his eyebrows. No matter how she pouts, she may not be able to move him. She will have to talk to his own natural desires to get him to help. Otherwise, best to let go and move on. To complicate it, each is good looking in their own way, and could be attracted, but a connection is probably a flash in the pan. Mars is about to sextile Sirius. Both of these are classically favorable connections. Pisces is all about art and music! Again, not only is the dog involved, but so is the hunter himself!

Rigel has mixed reviews. If you made notes back then, review them, or check your appt book to see what was important then. These connections are noted as harmonious with potential opportunities! Expand your plans. First Lunar Bundle Chart! It spans from Jupiter to Uranus. He tells grand stories that have led many to greener pastures! What a wellspring to push the whole program forward! See more about Bundle charts! Jot those down and get them in divine order so they can help each other as they go — one leading to the next!

Uranus is always remarkable, well ahead of our times. Jupiter can make the extraordinary seem like everyday fun, cloaking the changes to good avail. We see the benefits and we are making excellent progress! Uranus goes into Taurus March 6. Jupiter goes into Capricorn Dec 2. Get long term projects started now.

Know that they will change complexion when the sign changes happen. Get things working now, make the process workable, before those sign changes happen. Then we maintain and wait. When Jupiter goes into Capricorn, at first there may be a lull as things are reprocessed. But soon as that happens, things will happen fast. Cappies mean business! They do more than simplify; they condense and their process is potent! The most happens for the least effort.

Perhaps what has been in discovery, is put into practice. Besides engaging each other in the New Moon chart, all those 15s are also aligned with three prominent fixed stars! The New Moon inconjuncts it, and Neptune trines it! It is the Dogstar in Canis Major, the brightest star in the heavens. This is so brief. Look more online at their histories, lore, data! Not only is the dog involved, but so is the hunter himself!

The Neptune square could add to that… Within the bundle, from Jupiter to Neptune, the planets are closely knit by degrees. Jupiter leaving his square with Neptune defines the square, they now being only 87 degrees apart! Fittingly the New Moon sextiles the bundle starting planet, Jupiter! Sextiles offer a blend of harmonious signs, prosperous affiliations. They are good for informations exchange, in this case fire and air ideas.

In Aquarius it is fulfilled by the union of Humanity. Jupiter offers expansion and growth, success, thinks big, bigger! Cultivate limitless thinking! Mercury, Mind, with the New Moon, is considered exalted in airy Aquarius , the sign of the highest intelligence.

It is electronic, fast as lightning. Internet networking. Mercury listens, spreads the Word among brethren, both at the local level and internationally! It awakens our mental function, opens our awareness. Words are quickly succinctly placed where they will have the most potency! His communications are brighter, stronger, galactically intelligent. Mercury was sextile Jupiter the day before, so all those plans for spreading the good word planetarily are fresh in mind.

There is a lot to be said to many people. There is a sense of how we are all connected in myriads of ways. Ideas that seemed odd are now finding their niche. We are no longer ordinary mortals! Saturn sextiled Neptune Jan 31 , just days before our New Moon!

His job is to take the best most workable ideas of the Jupiter square Neptune and parlay them into use. The Aquarian New Moon is radiating energy of evolutionairy no typo change equally to Saturn, the planet of holding time, archaeology, and Neptune the planet of compassion and mergence. Saturn and Neptune equally impinge on the New Moon! Aquarius must use his genius and foresight to anticipate not only what is needed now but what in turn will be needed as a result of the changes made now. Aquarius is lightning fast, from one idea to another, crossing miles and millennia faster than you can blink!

Saturn has to stop that for a few moments so they can make a connection here and now for the purpose at hand. Not his nature. Neptune is the guardian of non logic, psychic perception. He keeps us aware that clever minds are only valuable in behalf of the feeling, at times illogical, humans they serve. Yet, we must do our best to balance both needs. It may be a critical turning point that must be put in place. No stopping! That glimpse, was a combination of mortification, purification, and staying alive to tell the story!

Uranus often has vast connections, so Mars, bringing the fire to the feet, can have more effect than anyone ever expected. Uranus admires a tough advocate who has something of potency to share! He admires rebels who shake things up! This will be their last meeting in Aries for 84 years! He is finishing a 51 year stint around the entire zodiac and is about to start another! His sign change into Aries is only days away, making the shift Feb 18!

His accumulation of healing and spiritual wisdom is enormous. He has an understanding of wounds, both receiving and inflicting. He has become a shaman teacher. Some say he is the planet of marriage, business partnerships. Venus in Capricorn has respect for such accomplishment, appreciates what he stands for. She may have been uncomfortably challenged by him to put Soul before earthly goods and good looks, that she is wonderful just the way she is, God made.

That can be hard to accept at times. She may not at this time agree with all he said, but she feels encouraged anyway. What she does approve of, she will work for, lending it her particular touch of beauty and timelessness. Gather your energy, go for the tipping point! Use your limitless thinking! Sometimes only Spirit is our escort; other times we go arm in arm, equals meeting the inner workings of our beings. One way or another, we all go. Some have initial fears of the dark. In time confidence is gained, we enjoy this mysterious dimension, become to love its qualities.

Jupiter is known for seeing the bright side of things and since Pluto is known for his powerful funds, Jupiter made some lucky deals and raised generous funds for benevolent projects and causes! Not only did we change seasons, but signs as well! Less Virgo labor now, more social connections, emphasis on collaboration. Tomorrow, Sep 25, Chiron returns to Pisces for a reminder of why we are doing these new things, why they are required next. We go back for another look at where we have failed, the consequences.

The Full Moon opens the gates between us, each other and different dimensions. Step back that we may go more powerfully forward later. Feb 18, Chiron goes forward into Aries for the next 9 years. At that point it will be 51 years before it gets back into Pisces again. This is it. She, in all her feminine glory, is standing strongly, leading the way!

He might like to help you, or live the advantage of your expertise. He would like to get to know you and connect you further to the right people and places. He likes to equalize situations, understand the merits of every person involved. Sun considers all the facets at present, the possibilities. There are times when no conclusion is possible.

Yet he also knows there really are times to wait it out, poised. Aries learns there are times to let it go for now. They can really help each other. Sometimes you turn up the heat; other times you turn it down and let things gel. From zero to 8 degrees! People need it NOW!

Moon and Chiron would love to just push him aside, and might do, but there would be consequences that might make a longer delay later. Saturn slows us down just enough to have the time we need to think more clearly and do it even better after all! Once they do, Mercury is already ahead! Good chance you signed some papers in the last six days. Saturn is no dummy! He can just feel all the energy around him and knows better than to over delay and miss the magic moments.

He can think pretty fast on his feet when a lot is at stake. This combo can sweep us ALL off our feet!

The astrological influences of the constellation Orion

Hang on! Moon never lets sleeping dogs lie, and quite more so in Aries! She and Chiron are acting like power boosters. Trine her own North Node bodes well for the new beginnings she hopes for. She squares Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. What we had always wanted is now couched in new times, so it has to prove itself in current tense.

Mars and Lilith are at the Aquarian South Node, powers of the Past called upon, in this case for chaos! Yet they have a rather odd resonance of invincibility. They want change, and it WILL happen! Though Mars and Lilith are independents, when they call the other independents together they are a force to be reckoned with. The Nodes, in turn, square Venus in Scorpio, but they are always retrograde and are moving away from her.

Now she has moved past him. Venus may have memories, but is not likely much interested any more. By numbers we have a grand square. By active planetary motion we really have another T Square. But two of these signs Aquarius and Scorpio want significant change.