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September 19 Updated. September 18 Updated. September 17 Updated. September 16 Updated. September 15 Updated. September 14 Updated. September 13 Updated. A splendid chance arises to make progress in work or raising status through the giving of a talk, or writing a letter, or even an article for the media. It may seem unlikely, yet life is really one surprise after another when you reflect on it.

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Much is made of Piscean martyrdom — of putting others first, often at your own cost. Generally, this is a wonderful virtue and a rare thing, but this is not a phase for all that. The spotlight shines on you to make a demand or negotiate. The cosmos urges you to pull people with you — but more on your terms. There has been good reason to be secretive in past weeks as critics, colleagues or bosses subjected you to the slings and arrows treatment.

How dare they! But with ruler Mars in retrograde, you were wise to stay quiet.

Anything special about this particular Hunter's Moon?

This week Mars moves direct, enabling you to get back on track in a matter that can raise your game professionally. The cosmos is encouraging you. The world is at the door, waiting for you to answer it.

A business proposition may present itself; an organisation asks to see you; or a committee respectfully requests your greater involvement. Whichever way these trends transpire in your life, be certain that someone out there wants you to help them out. And you most certainly can. Something of the high life fast approaches, and that suits you mighty fine.

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