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User Support. Customer Support. Community Insights. Ingenio, LLC. They tend to have a large social circle to confirm their position and the importance of their true inner nature.

CANCER: Sept-Dec. 2019! A promising beginning! Long distance opportunities bring New Love!

If they get distant from their core, their friendships will start to fade, and this is an obvious alarm they need to notice that they have lost self-respect somewhere along the way. Their most important challenge is to stay in touch with the group, while still not allowing social norms and demands of their tribe to become more important than their own inner judgment. As they learn and expand their knowledge, the world they live in becomes more susceptible and open for their need to speak. This supports their second numeral row and their search for the truth within, seeking a place where they can rest and find a way to give others what they wish to share, respectful of their own, and everyone else's boundaries.

There is nothing as important as the need for knowledge in those born on this date, for it obviously gives them a place to belong to and a tribe they can resonate with. They need people of their own education and similar choices that will support their visions, and they are talented for teamwork in any collective effort that arises in life. They find the social circle that supports their mental growth to be of immense value and need to have friends who share their interests and their need to grow intellectually.

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When they get lonely, their way out seems to be in joining a book club or a public reading, and even though these interactions might not last, they will feed them and give them a push in the right direction. With Saturn set as their destination, individuals born on July 15th firstly need to find a way to rest. It is their mission in this life to connect with higher planes, start believing in things that are scientifically unproven and "out of this world" and find God in any shape and form that comes naturally. Although their planetary row shows to be quite rational and concerned about communication and mental processes, the emotional world of those born on the 15th of July is extremely rich.

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We must understand that with their Sun set in Cancer, the only expression they truly need is the expression of emotion that hides beneath the surface.