Year of the ox chinese astrology

They will be invited to attend a series of sumptuous events, where they will get noticed and they will be able to score some extra point for their image. Financially , the best period is between March and June. Also, the end of is not going to be a bad period if we look at November and December when some consistent bonuses will appear in their pockets. We cannot say it is going to be a time characterized by trial and challenges; that is why the Ox is successful in accomplishing everything they wish for.

The important thing is to switch from the passive state into an active state. They have been followed, observed and evaluated during last year; now, if there is the case of re-organizing or if any available positions appear, they are going to be among the ones considered for occupying these positions. The people in charge of making these decisions will consider it as a natural reward for their efforts and as recognition of their value and experience.

For those that are at the beginning of their career or are not yet sure which way to go, chances of finding a suitable position according to their training are encouraging. They are given trust and responsibilities. Their evolution on the professional level will definitely be felt on the financial level as well.

Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Ox

The situations where they receive money that is being owned to them for a long while ago, as well as the situation where they receive retroactive loans are also favorable for them. The extra money will certainly give them ideas on how to spend it; it would be better to save a part of that money. What to wear : The wooden accessories will ensure plenty of luck for the Ox.

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Whether earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, wear them on the evening between years! With careful yoking, an Ox can be led into a different path, but they must be goaded properly to prevent them becoming intractable. You can guarantee that his staff and business will come before most other things. The worst case to catch them in is if they lack a vision.

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Knowing when to ask for a raise is of paramount importance if dealing with an Ox boss. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! As a co-worker, the Ox is a wonderful companion if the path ahead is clear and laid out.

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It can serve those who work with these Ox characteristics to stand as a barrier between them and outside instability. The Ox male and Ox female are not well suited to dealing with the inconsistencies of the commanding staff, or a changing workplace.

If you work with Ox, learn their patterns, and how to interact with them. At that point feed changes and updates to them based on this information. Test Now! The Chinese Ox takes great comfort in having a strong financial base.

Chinese horoscope 12222

The same care they apply to everything is, in turn, applied to financial matters. When making a decision to spend, they consider all angles involved, long term payouts, and short term rewards. It is not to say that Oxen are incapable of spending money on pure luxury items. But they will be aware of how it plays into their over-all scheme, and you can guarantee that they can afford it. This can be a problem, because their caution can lead to an unwillingness to spend. Ox in relationships is, as in all else, steady and reliable.

Ox Horoscope 2020 – Career, Love, Finance and Monthly Horoscopes

At first while dating an Ox person, they can feel unapproachable. Their lack of open sociability creates a barrier to forming new relationships, but when they do, they bond strongly with them. The Ox can be extremely territorial. One must know that the toughness of the Metal Ox should go without question and the same can be said for their loyalty and dependability.

The highly motivated Metal Ox has very few limitations as long as they keep their passion. In this sense, the Metal Ox can pursue any genuine interest they desire. With a strong sense of values and justice, the Metal Ox could do well in politics or law, which as the case for Metal Ox Barack Obama. Similarly, there have been several successful entertainers born in , among them being George Clooney and Forest Whitaker.

At times, the Metal Ox can seem arrogant, but realize that this is a product of their determination turning into impenetrable stubbornness. To overcome this potential downfall, the Metal Ox has to spend time to develop and open mind.