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Their Cancerian tendency to be a little insecure and overly dependent on others is not as prominent in those with the Ox influenced characteristics. The easygoing, bright-natured Cancerian Ox may have the least sensitivity and timidness of all Cancerians, but he is still easily hurt. These particular personalities do not usually enter into relationships in haste; they like to take their time in choosing a mate. Although they are not typically hesitant to make decisions, in this area of their life they need to be completely sure, with no doubts.

Personality and characteristics

Having chosen a partner who they trust implicitly, the Cancerian Ox will more often than not devote his all. He will be a very attentive soulmate and adapt quickly to a permanent long-term commitment. When these people are happily settled and contented they positively glow. Cancerian Ox personalities are considered a finely-balanced mix of strength and sensitive emotions. The person with this horoscope pairing may have their up and down days if the balance is disturbed.

When a Cancerian Ox has something on their mind they may be snappy and tense, or simply burst out crying.

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The wavering of their general equilibrium in times of stress is the only real weak spot worth a mention in an otherwise wonderful personality. The best cure for this weakness is for the Cancerian Ox to share with others their concerns before things build up. The Adaptable Cancerian Ox Personality When the sensitive, home-loving Cancerian is astrologically connected at birth with the sturdy Ox, it forms a versatile personality. Comments: Cancer Ox Personality.


Sarah Are you a 73 ox? A snake or a rat Beautiful A scorpion rat. I can tell you that your water ox needs to appreciate what he has in front of him and perhaps you shouldn't have to try so hard to understand him, a relationship needs two people to invest equally for it to succeed. I wish you health, happiness and success and hope he will realize how fortunate he is to have you love him Xx water ox.

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Libra Horse I don't mind to sound horrible but thats a horrible match. Ox and Horse don't mix Nick This actually is just like my best friend. Your name:. Horoscope Daily Horoscope Well Click on your Zodiac sign and get daily forecast. Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow.

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I wish you health, happiness and success and hope he will realize how fortunate he is to have you love him Xx water ox [Reply] [Cancel reply].

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