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When Venus hooks up with the passion planet Mars, they're called "Astrology's Lovers" -- they're the two planets that combine to form our overall approach to love and relationships. Venus is the planet of our inner desires, while Mars is about how we act on those desires. Nickname: The Love Goddess Zodiac signs Venus rules: Taurus and Libra Exalted in: Pisces Houses Venus rules: 2nd House of Money and Self-Worth, and 7th House of Partnerships Venus stays in each zodiac sign for: 3 - 4 weeks Venus makes a complete trip through the zodiac: about every year to year and a half Venus retrogrades: once every year to year and a half, with each retrograde lasting around six weeks.

Venus, as the goddess of love, is complex and rules two different signs: Taurus and Libra. These two signs, on a basic level, represent love and money.

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Venus rules attraction and attachment to others which are the focus of relationship-oriented Libra. Additionally, Venus rules Taurus, the sign of the zodiac focused on practical matters like money while still ruling sensual aspects of life like art and beauty.

November 6 Zodiac Sign

Venus is associated with the 2nd House of Resources and Money as well as the 7th House of Partnerships -- both the romantic and work-related kind. This means that Venus is associated with self-worth, our relationship to possessions, and one-on-one connections. This content was written by tarot. Venus was traditionally called the "lesser benefic," a positive force, but on a smaller scale than lucky Jupiter, the greater benefic. Still, she puts smiles on faces and represents pleasure and contentment -- like planetary dopamine for the brain.

Venus rules earthy Taurus and airy Libra as sources of sensual delights and social satisfaction.

Uranus Enters Taurus 12222

Bringing Venus into our lives makes us happy. She is the sweet smell of a rose, the taste of your favorite food, the sound of heart-stirring music, a soft touch of fabric, and the joy of seeing a beautiful image.

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Venus delights all the senses, and she is the queen of style. She is also a charmer, graceful in action, a skillful peacemaker, and a loving partner. Venus attracts money and appreciation, and she teaches us to see the best in ourselves. There are many ways to cultivate the appealing qualities of Venus.

Venus & Uranus Love Surprise+ Halloween Scorpio New Moon Preview! Oct 6-12 2019 Astrology Horoscope

On a physical level, look for mental imbalances, sinus issues, allergies and lung sensitivities. It is truly a time to come from the heart and not to be in the illusion of separateness or fear. This is a great time to work with Pluto intervals on the Chong Channel to assist in changing patterns at the blood root.

During the time of Pluto ruling Scorpio treat 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra issues, this is a great time to assist clients that are dealing with shadow issues and coming into right alignment with their power. Commencing with the transformative energy of Pluto crossing the ecliptic, on October 31, November continues with a plethora of planetary alignments that range from Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, where it is exalted, offering an opportunity to restore trust, faith, seek truth and abundance; with three planets moving retrograde Uranus, Sedna and Mercury , this is an opportunity to rethink, research, review, restructure and realign; and two moving direct Venus and Neptune , invite us to move forwards in some areas that concern these two planetary bodies.

To keep us in alignment with these times, we have an amazing window of opportunity from November 11 through November 22 11 days to create material and spiritual prosperity! This is an opportune time for healing and transformation.

Your birthday, November 6 :: Horoscope, lucky gemstones, colours, days, numbers, ruling planets

Trines in astrology allow for easy flow of energy. On election day in the US, November 6, be ready for unexpected changes politically and planetarily as Uranus turns retrograde moving back into Aries until March 6, Retrograde periods are times to rethink and reassess. On November 8, expansive Jupiter moves from Scorpio into its ruling sign of Sagittarius.

This is an opportune time for things to get easier and to experience the wind at your back. Consider the same interval with the Three Treasures or ST 40, Abundant Splendor to expand the body, mind, spirit connection.

November 6 Zodiac

The energy that comes through the portal will amplify our consciousness. Those who are in a positive timeline will have an increase in positive experiences. Those who are following a path of negativity will amplify that course of direction.

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  6. Any 3 of these intervals can be used independently as well. On November 24th, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we have another significant astrological alignment when Neptune turns Direct in Pisces in its house of rulership. This does not occur again until May 17, Any time an outer planet changes direction, it is likely we will feel it in the collective.

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    5. As we reflect on what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, also reflect on spiritual destiny and who we are as spiritual beings on Earth. For those who are spiritually bankrupt, these times will be most challenging.